Johnsons Vintage Recordings
We'll explain this once at the top of this page... This was the closest we ever came to a recording studio situation. As you'll hear, it's really not that close. Working with NO budget, we abused our power at a local music store, wired it up and let it fly after hours. This is a snipit off of our "demo CD."

This song still seems to rotate in and out of our play list. For the first year or so that we played it, the band referred to it as "The World's Longest Song." To put that statement into perspective, in 2000 we cut about 3 minutes out of it and it was still 5 minutes long!


Here's a full-length song off of the demo CD. It's a perfect gem for you to download and add to that bootleg Johnsons CD you're burning...


Off the demo CD... When we first created the band we were going to do an "All Wang Chung" format. Then we quickly realized we couldn't afford a full horn and string section to travel the vast circuit of SE Wisconsin. Bummer... Then we realized that we'd only have 2 songs to play. Big Bummer... Don't worry, we got over it.


This was recorded at Fantazia. Based off the comment you'll hear on the recording: "are we ready for this?," there's a good chance that this is the first time we ever played the song. One other note, this was also the first gig we introduced the new trendy look of "super-shiney," plastic shirts (you'll see them in old photos). Let's just say that the shirts were not very breathable to say the least.

Another gem off of the demo CD.
We're not really sure why we posted this... The only redeeming value is that this song was always a good set-closer. Donny actually sounds pretty cool here... We'll give him a 7.5 on a scale of 1-25.
The amazing thing over the years is that people always love our 3rd set. Just remember: At 2am, you are all drunk, and, sometimes... so is the band.
This song was an intricate part of our "total & cool 80's experience" back in the first couple of years. Some were big hits with the fans, and some were best left to the privacy of people's cars, showers or bedroom. You be the judge on this song.
We always really liked the guitar sound on this song... and that's about it.
This song highlights the band's "Happy-Happy, Upbeat-Upbeat side..."
We say it all the time: The Johnsons are NOT in the "Music Industry," we're in the "Entertainment Industry." Besides this song being faster than light, we remember this well: Ricky's microphone was falling out of the mic stand and dangling in front of him. His true talent was revealed when he was bending over singing into a dangling microphone like a kid catching a drop of water off of a melting ice sickle... Funny as heck! Its amazing that no one ever got injured during this song... What ever happened to those flower pots we use to wear?
This song was great for the AARP & Social Security conventions--big crowd pleaser. It was also excellent for producing drink sales at the bar and creating lines in the bathrooms... Oh well, you win some and you lose some.
This song moved into the "vintage recordings" area on our website about the same time the original artist, Linkin Park, slipped off the face of the earth.
In reality, we shouldn't have even put this on here. Truly bad, bad work. No, we will not play this as a request.



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