The Johnson's Marketing & Promo Archive
  This was our 2004 version of our Business Card. Note to young bands out there: Go for the professional photo shoot - No matter how hard you try, you simply can't do it yourself!! This is proof.
This little piece of art was created for our venues that have websites. It's a variation off of the 2002-2003 Poster.
This was a great piece of art Donny came up with for the website. We refer to it as the truss & lights logo. This art appeared on from 2002-2003.
The RED the band refers to it. This poster was used from 1999-2000 and features the "totally natural look." ...Not!
When you sum it up, what really is The Johnsons experience? This poster introduced the slogan "Live Music Party" and pretty-much tells The Johnson's story. This was also the debut of the current logo.
The original Johnsons logo. Simple and basic. The concept was to have a logo where people looked at it and wondered: Are these people serious or full of it?
This is a variation of the original logo. To our recollection it was never used.
This is a variation of the current logo. If you're ever down and out, seeking a little color to brighten your on this.
Valentines Day 2003, the band ran a huge promotion with several unique/one-of-a-kind items as contest giveaways. Top prizes included a dozen custom-made "Bootleg" CD's signed by the band. This is the front jacket cover.
This is the back jacket cover of the aforementioned "Bootleg" CD.
This was the promo for our 1 year anniversary bash after coming out of retirement. One year anniversary didn't sound so good so we calculated the time since day-one and came up with a better concept...

The music industry is a business... Most of the time it's monkey-business, but its a business none the less. Here is our first "business card."




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