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  The Johnsons run monthly polls on this very website... Here are polls from the past. Many you can still vote on, others you can view the results. See what other Johnsons supporters think!

Found these pictures on a CD... Those of you who have been with us since the beginning may recognize these from the very first website back in '98 & '99... We played a last-minute fill-in gig opening for The LoveMonkeys.

Nice outfits boys...


The infamous "State Fair 1999 Press Release: The "big break!" ...State Fair 1999 stands-out as one of the key events that led to the band's popularity. The Johnsons played a total of 5 shows that year on two different stages. Not only was it a ton of fun but it helped build the band's mailing list and served as valuable advertising to venue owners and festival coordinators. With the intent to REALLY push things "over the top," we drafted this nifty press release and sent it to every newspaper, radio station and television station in SE Wisconsin.

No one ran it.


Radio Commercial Copy Points: Ok...Now you're going to be an advertising insider! In the biz, important points to include in an advertisement are called "Copy Points." We're sure you're sitting there in disbelief thinking: "Don't all these radio stations know all about the BEST band in the history of SE Wisconsin???"

Well, on the outside chance they didn't, we helped them out a bit...


Sequencing 101: A sequence is basically a computer program that tells a musical instrument, usually a keyboard or computer, what sounds to play and how to play it. The Johnsons use sequencing to cover all the parts we physically can't play on stage. The band is not shy in saying that our sequences are the best in the business--each and every one is performed outstandingly and each and every sound is created to the exact duplication of the original songs.

This are not Johnson's sequences! Try them out for kicks...




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