Those Ex-Johnsons! The History Of The Ones We've Loved, But Left Us...
The Johnsons have had some changes over the years. Luckily, we have a HUGE family tree and lots of great people to slip right in. Fans often ask us why there's been change or changes and we always state the obvious: "If you let love float, it will float back to you..." Then we realize none of these guys ever came back... Humm? But seriously, if you want a good idea of why these things happen, rent "Spinal Tap" and your questions will be answered...

K. Johnny Johnson (1998-1999) - Drums

Gardening Accident


Del E. "Fresh" Johnson (1999-2000) - Drums

Spontaneous Combustion


Dean-O Johnson (2000-2001) - Drums

Traveling Ice Show


Junior Johnson (2002) - Drums

Cruise Ship Lounge


Ricky Johnson (1998-2003) - Drums

(Just Kidding On The "Drums" Thing... Guitar)

Fills-in for KISS when Ace is too drunk to play


JC Johnson (2002-2003) - Drums

European Runway Model


Johnny Johnson (2004) - Guitar

Ponytail Mafia Guy


Mandy Johnson (2004) - Vocals

School Of The Vertically Challenged




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