Matteo N. Johnson Drums  

Matteo joined the band in early 2004 after his life was crumbling to pieces. The timing for Matteo was incredibly ironic: Matteo had three major contracts fall through all at once. It's quite sad and frustrating, but it all led to Matteo joining the band.

After a successful run at being the male nude model for the artists who design the Mr. Clean labels & advertisements, Matteo lost his contract on Groundhog Day 2004. This was bad enough, but what are the odds that he'd lose the "Nair Hair Remover" spokesmodel contract AND lose the leading role in the made for TV movie: "The dark side of Kojak - Teddy goes male stripper."

Matteo needed to escape, and at the depths of his despair, he ran into Jeffery at a Dungeons & Dragons festival in San Francisco. After discussing the trials and tribulations of their mutually favorite role-playing game, they began talking family and music. It was heartfelt to learn that destiny brought Matteo's aunt and Jeffery's uncle together one summer years ago while they were working together in the's amazing the reach and diversity of the Johnson family tree.

The fact that Matteo's primary instrument was the pan flute did not stop him from learning the drums so he could be in The Johnsons.


It's classified - I could tell you but I'd have to kill you.

Best Band Story:

I remember this one time last summer where I played the same drum set two shows in a row. It still makes me chuckle... Wow, that was crazy.

Advice For Young Musicians:

1. Become A Drummer - the rest of the band have their backs to you and they can't see how much you're drinking. Besides, the drummer always get the girls.

2. When your parents tell you "it's better than a sharp stick in the eye" you better believe them.


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