Jeffery J. Johnson Bass & Vocals  

Sunglasses, costume jewelry, the latest in pre-teenage clothing... what more could you ask for in a bass player?

Jeffery is quite well rounded with a background in tap dance, professional croquet and massage therapy. When he's not playing in the band, you can find him annoying people with his constant clicking, clubbing people with his mallet or chasing females trying to give them rub-downs.

Jeffery studied "the theory of the theory of music" because he likes thinking-about thinking-about music. One day he hopes to work himself up to the level of actually thinking about music - this is one of his greatest goals. "I've been thinking about thinking about music for so long that it would actually be nice to think about music someday."

After this accomplishment is met, Jeffery plans on learning how to play bass guitar.

Age / Tenure:

Jeffery is one of our founding members dating back to 1998 but 1998 was actually 11 years after he met Donny.

"I remember it clearly - I met Donny at either a Tupperware party - or possibly a pajama party - back in Cleveland. I remember two things distinctively: I remember how weird it was that we were 4th cousins 3 times removed, and I also remember how good Donny looked in those lime-green silk pajamas that he was wearing while he was burping a pink Tupperware bowl... funny how the mind works."

Shortly after this meeting, Jeffery and Donny discussed the concept of having a band named after the family. Jeffery was high on the idea and it didn't matter what format it was as long as it was called The Johnsons. "I didn't really care about the music or anything - I just thought it was cool that it would be an easy name for me to remember..."

Best Band Story:

"I cannot tell my best band stories in public...can I give you the 23rd best one?"

Advice For Young Musicians:

1. Don't Become A Bass Player - There's tons of gear you have to schlep around and you'll never get a girl - or a boy - for that matter: NEVER.

2. I can't give you advice on playing a 5-String Bass, but if anyone knows what the 5th string is for, please let me know.


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