Donny S. Johnson Lead Vocals  

Donny enjoys long walks on the beach, sunsets, sunrises and many other joys that nature gives us.

When not gigging with The Johnsons, Donny can be found with various senior citizens, combing the beaches of Lake Michigan searching for buried treasure with his metal detector. One time, he found a whole quarter!

Although he doesn't get the free senior citizen coffees, he also frequents McDonalds quite often with his treasure hunting friends. You can catch him there, but you better arrive early because Donny's motto is: "I'm not payin' for the newspaper, so I need to get to Micky-D's first before all the crossword puzzels are filled in."

Age / Tenure:

Donny is one of our founding members. He's been our frontman since 1998.

Going back a little farther, he and Jeffery met back in 1987 when both attended a family psychic reading for good ole Uncle Schwen. Auntie Gwen called the reading because she couldn't find the car keys after Schwen passed. At any rate, this is where Donny became aware of his cousin Jeffery and the music began.

As far as age goes, Donny always says: "Never ask a lady how old she is." We usually change the subject at that point.

Best Band Story:

Port Fish Days circa 1999/2000. When the singer for The Fixx tried to cut line for the backstage porta-potty, Donny boldly instructed him, in front of a line of 6-10 people, "Hey buddy - get in line with everyone else...I've gotta piss too."

Advice For Young Musicians:

1. Become A Singer - you don't have to bang gear, you can show up late and even though the drummer, guitarist and bass player have to work harder at their talent - the singer gets the girls.

2. Donny's Suggested Equipment For Singers: alcohol, vice grips & a designated driver.


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