Phone "Cliff Notes" for Venue Staff

Print These And Keep Them By The Phone!!

>>>>Who/What? The Johnsons is a party band from Milwaukee...

Excellent band with 2 lead singers that play pop dance music but they sound just like the originals so they're great to listen to. They play Summerfest, State Fair and all the other big festivals...

>>>>Music Type? 80's, 90's & Current Danceable Pop Radio Rock--All Danceable

>>>>Music Examples:

--Safety Dance, Relax, Jessie's Girl, Jenny Jenny 867-5309

--Prince, INXS, Pink, No Doubt, Madonna

>>>>Other Testaments:

--They sound great

--High energy, crazy stage antics

--Awesome sound and light show

--Expecting a huge crowd…

--They're Really Good…come down and check it out--This is key...close the sale...invite them to come!

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