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An online source for tools to market your event.
A SE Wisconsin first!

If your event is open to the public, it's hard work to make it packed and successful. We'll supply you with posters, include your event on mailers and email newsletters, however that is only the tip of the iceburg. It will only be an event if we work together to market it.

You'll find images and templates on this page. If you have a powerful computer, access to a fast internet connection and have a color're gonna have fun. For those entertainment buyers with slower equipment, try the templates--you should be able to print the them in very little time.

You Are Authorized to download any/all of our MP3s off of our Audio Page and burn them to CD. Be careful however: "flight check" them on your DJ system to make sure that they sound OK. Remember all recordings are basic "board recordings" and do not sound nearly as good as the band itself. This being said, in certain situations carefully chosen MP3s played at your venue can help as a promotional tool.

Templates Section: Not handy with desktop publishing? We've drafted some basic templates for you to use. Simply click on them and then print them. Since they're PDFs, you cannot type your specific information into them but you can write in the info onto a master copy and then photocopy...cut...and you're done!

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