Success Doesn't Happen By Accident

...It's Not Hard Work, It's Smart Work.

Interesting Fact: Each customer the band and venue brings in translates into an average of $20 in the venue's till.

Partnership: The Johnsons do everything possible to promote each event to maximize attendance. When a venue uses some of the inexpensive and easy to use promotional ideas presented on our website, attendance can increase an additional 20-40%.

Getting 20-40% More Customers At Your Event:

>>>>Employees Talking-Up The Event/Band: (Especially DJ's, Bartenders, Wait staff & Security)…
Remind Them Daily. Hype makes it happen. Employees have to know what's going on and how to explain who we are and what we do in a confident, upbeat and positive way. Be sure to have a information sheet by all phones and located by the DJing area. Remind your staff daily about using the sheets and how important it is for them to hype the event. This is the single most effective way to build your attendance.

On the flip side, there's nothing that will kill an event more than if your employees don't know what's going on, don't get excited and/or mis-handle a phone call or customer inquiry.

>>>>Promote for at Least Two Weeks to Four Weeks Like the old saying goes: It's easier to keep your existing customers than find new ones. Inform and entice your existing customers by promoting the event internally. The band will bring our fans, be sure to bring yours too.

>>>>Posters, Flyers and/or Table Tents In High Traffic Areas, Waiting Areas & Restrooms. Include day and date. Put our website address on everything! As you've probably noticed, this site is a compelling story. If you get them to the site they can see and hear us which will make them look forward to experiencing it themselves.

>>>>Exterior Signage If Available. If you have it, use it. If you don't, consider renting it. If you're having one of the top bands at your venue/event, make sure people know it.

>>>>Radio Advertising: Tap Into The Johnson's Vast Following! In the Milwaukee Metro area, recommended radio stations include WKTI 94.5FM, WMYX 99.1FM, KISS 103.7FM, and WLUM 102.1FM. The Johnsons message is best received on "popular" radio stations (Top 40, 80's, 90's & Today).

>>>>Newspaper Advertising: Be sure to take advantage of all free sources as well as carefully chosen paid positions. Best paid positions are near the nightlife calendars.

>>>>The Day Of The Event: Reiterate to employees the importance of presenting the event/band in an enticing way. Cover all your bases:

--Security at the front door...the people taking the money. They alone can account for a 10-20% swing in attendance by presenting the event/band properly. Why is the event/band worth "x" dollars? They better be able to answer that in a believable way...

--Anybody Answering The Phone People are last minute planners, expect a large amount of phone calls the day of the event. Reinforce the use of the fact sheet and require the proper, enticing presentation of the information.

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