Full Length Johnsons Recordings Pre-2004
Recorded at Coins in Kenosha in December 2003
Recorded at Cactus Jack's Last Night Open-October 5, 2002. If you listen closely to Donny singing, he sounds like the famous talking horse, Mr. Ed. The band refers to this song as "Funky Cold Tuna."
Recorded at a private party December 2000. This song came out twice in the 80s...This is the second version--Nothing like a little Gee-Taar!
Recorded October 5, 2002. Donny always wants to dress up as Gwen Stefani for halloween, so the band appeased him by adding this song to the list. Donny's STILL upset that Mandy sings this for us now!
Recorded December 2000. How can you NOT like this song?
Recorded December 2003. Does anyone remember this song...ANYONE??...Beuller?? Anywho, this was INXS's first American hit.
Recorded August 10th, 2002 at Kelly's Bleachers II in Wind Lake. Talk about one-hit wonders... Nothing like adding a little guitar and heavy drums to a synth tune! Rock N Roll Bay-Bee.
Recorded December 2003. Always a crowd pleaser, Safety Dance is one of those songs that gets better with each beverage. Remember to wear your safety helmets...
Recorded October 5, 2002. This is just a pretty good performance of a pretty good song.



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