Johnsons Bloopers & Miscellaneous Recordings
Recorded at Kelly's Bleachers II Wind Lake, August 10th 2002. This clip is on here for a very subtle reason. You see, Donny is not from Milwaukee and doesn't realize that La Cage is a gay bar. Donny was making La Cage comments all nite, not truly realizing the connotations. It's subtle but listen to Rick's reaction right at the beginning of the song. He's like, "What the???"
Recorded at Cactus Jack's final show, October 5th 2002. Donny explains how he hits the high notes...
Recorded on August 10th 2002. Music has a certain mathmatical property to it that makes it difficult at times. (Sometimes you have to count to 4, 8 or even 16). This sounds easy until people join you on stage, start talking to you and start grabbing your stuff...
Recorded December 2003 at Coins in Kenosha. Don't ask us what we're saying... Don't ask us to spell what we're saying... All we know is that it's German.
Recorded October 5th 2002. This starts with the band waiting for our "Play With The Johnsons" contestant and ends in nonsense.



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